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The Food Gallery, Marlborough Welcome to The Food Gallery The Food Gallery, Marlborough
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Handmade Belgian Chocolates

Homemade Belgian Chocolates

Bob's long-running obsession with cocoa means that he's on a continual quest to find the most original, authentic and best chocolates possible - and then eat them.

Luckily he's tasted and scrutinised many chocolates over the years. This has enabled him to decide which ones were worthy of a place in our shop.

We've come to a point where we're happy to share his most delicious finds. And the result? A truly world-class selection from the top three Belgian chocolatiers. We've chosen what he honestly believes is an astonishing range of outstanding chocolates - from a country that's renowned for making incredible treats.

The little beauties are patiently waiting for you in a bespoke, lightly chilled, chocolate cabinet. Thus ensuring that each bite is perfect.

So, do you need to make up with someone? Have you had a work colleague who's signed a whopping deal? Want to get somebody out of the glums? Imminent anniversary? Need a chocolate fix? Want to make sure you get re-invited to 'that' dinner party?

You now know where to come now.

There's something to suit every preference and every occasion. And this is only the start. We'll keep hunting - and keep sharing with you.


"From the moment you arrived, you set about preparing the food with the utmost professionalism. Your staff were attentive and enthusiastic and served the most delicious food, which was beautifully presented. All our guests commented on the high standard."

F.J. - Idstone (Outside catering)

"B**** and I were very impressed by the way your team moved in quietly and set up everything for the event in the early hours of the morning. It made everything so civilised. Also the organised way you left with no fuss. Thank you too for all the extra help you gave us above and beyond that expected. We would certainly have you back on another occasion. The Hog roast went down well as did the desserts - the lemon and Lime was my favourite! Many thanks again."

Dr. E. G. - Hungerford

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