The Food Gallery, Marlborough
The Art of Fine Food
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The Food Gallery, Marlborough Welcome to The Food Gallery The Food Gallery, Marlborough
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About Our Coffee

We do good coffee

During your visit to the shop, and in the course of reading this website, you will notice that we're extremely proud of our coffee.

If you're an early bird and tend to visit the shop just after opening time, you'll no doubt have witnessed Bob during his "test phase" - eyes closed with intense concentration, tiny glasses of espresso lined up in readiness for the taste test, perfect amounts of crema atop each shot.

Joking aside, its incredibly important for us to maintain the quality of an espresso - its our benchmark of excellence.

Bob's procedures are carried out every single day and throughout the day to check the performance of the machine, tweaking and adjusting the grinder for perfection.

In fact, he's kept customers waiting until he's satisfied to serve their coffee of choice.

We believe it pays off, and, according to your feedback, so do you.

"The best coffee in the West Country - the best quality always speaks volumes"
Mrs.S-F, Lockeridge

"Fantastic coffee! What a haven in this busy world"
Mrs. Bertolini. Milan, Italy

If you think our presentation looks good, just imagine how superb it will taste!

If you're a real coffee fiend, click here to find out even more about our coffee.